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First of all, you have to register for the course you want to attend. You can enroll in several courses at the same time, but courses from different instructors cannot be mixed. The system may not allow you to add an education to the cart while another is already in it. In such cases, you must register for these courses separately.

The registration process is as follows:

  1. Add selected course to cart
  2. By clicking the "Payment" button on the basket panel, you will continue to the checkout
  3. If you have a coupon code that entitles you to a discount, it must be validated here
  4. If you haven't entered your billing information yet, you can do so here
    a) If you chose free education, click the "Register" button!
    b) If you have chosen a paid education, then select the payment method and proceed according to the chosen payment method!

After registration, you can start watching the course immediately. You can find your registrations in the "Profile -> Enrolled courses" menu item.

When you log in to your account, you can find the course under Profile -> Enrolled courses, but you can also search for it in courses as you did when you bought it. On the course details page, you will find a "Enter the course" button, click on this to access the lessons.

According to the GTC, the videos can be viewed for at least 1 year, but practically until a course is canceled for some reason (but at least 1 year).

So if you enroll in a course, you can watch it as many times as you like until it is cancelled. We very rarely delete a course from the site, but even then it is still available for 1 year after the deletion to those who have enrolled in it.

We do not require any certificates or documents proving pre-qualification in order to complete the courses. If prior knowledge is required for one of our courses, we will indicate it on the course data sheet.

Although all of our courses can be purchased and completed without a school qualification (formerly OKJ in Hungary), the basics that can be learned there may be missing in the case of our technical training.

On the data sheet of each course, we indicate whether we provide a certificate for the given course. Here, the instructors can decide on this, so we recommend that before you pay for a course, you check the course data sheet to see if the course comes with a certificate.

It is always up to the instructor to decide whether he wants to issue a certificate after his training. Typically yes, but you can always make sure of this in advance on the training data sheet.

You can download the certificate in printable PDF format from our website. You need a PDF viewing program or application to open it. If you don't have a PDF viewer on your computer from here, if you want to install it on your phone, you can download the necessary program from here.

As much as you want. In fact, we recommend that you do all of them, since it's free, you won't lose with it!

Our students can download the certificates themselves. If the given training comes with a certificate, you can download the certificate from the course's data page after logging in. Certificates are currently available in Hungarian and English. If you want a Hungarian certificate, change the page language to Hungarian and you will be able to download the certificate in Hunagrian.

Yes, of course! The acquired knowledge and certificate are already yours!

Working conditions may differ from country to country. Please check with the authorities about the conditions valid in your country before you take up work.

Yes of course! Thanks to bank card payment, you can pay with most known card types from anywhere in the world. You can display the prices in Hungarian forints and euros.

We must definitely send you an invoice, so you must also provide the necessary data as a private individual.

You can pay for all courses with a bank card through Barion's system. You can use Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express cards, but you can also pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

You can also pay for Szilvia Balázsi's lessons by bank transfer. You can choose the payment method by bank transfer on the checkout page. The information required for the transfer will be sent by email after registration.

In order to be able to enroll in a course, we will need the following information:

Billing information

According to the Accounting Act, the provision of invoicing data is mandatory even if an individual purchases online. You can enter these data directly before payment.

Mandatory data: country; postal code; city; street address

Such courses can only be viewed by those who have registered for them, new registration is not possible. Usually, these courses are removed from the site later (after 12 months), but it is also possible that we took them off the lists for technical reasons and they will be added back later.

Error code 419 usually means that the loaded page has "expired", so you cannot log in through it. This happens if you use a previously opened page to log in (e.g. you open the browser on your phone and the page is already open there). In such cases, reloading the page will solve the problem.

You do not need to send a picture, the certificate is for participation, not for the result.

Of course, we are happy if you share your work with us and other students in the eduBELLE Facebook groups!

Yes! The material list on the page is more of a suggestion. However, it must be taken into account that if you use different materials, the end result may not be the same.

Only private individuals can buy on eduBELLE, so you cannot enter company data. If you want to enroll in an eduBELLE course, you must enter your own data in the billing data.