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All about nail design [Modul II] Build with single color gels

Learn 3 different techniques with 3 different gel materials to shorten your salon time.
  • Last updated: 2021.04.03
  • Hungarian
  • Certificate Of The Course
All about nail design [Modul II] Build with single color gels
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  • Release Date 2021.03.06
  • Enrolled Students994
  • Duration1h 47m
  • Lectures7
  • LevelBeginner
  • Category Gel techniques
  • Language Hungarian
  • Subtitle English Hungarian
  • CertificateYes

What you'll learn

In this second module, I will show you what gels can be used and how to handle them. All three nails can be prepared quickly, so you may want to include them in your nail services. I will show you in a practical way how to strengthen your own nails with gel using a self-draining, transparent, soft gel. This nail doesn't need to be filed, so this workflow can be tweaked. I then apply a one-colour gel polish directly onto this surface using a non-woven technique. For the second nail, I will build an almond shaped nail using a form technique with a nude coloured construction gel in one step. For this nail, I'll show you the hand filing, in case someone prefers this shaping the most. The third nail will be built using a hybrid template in a cube shape. I will also introduce the pudding gel, which I recommend for those who don't like soft materials. This nail will be made in a curved cube shape. I'll introduce the machine filing, which will cut down the nail making time even more. I will cover this nail with a no-fix colour gel. 

I constantly highlight what can be used to speed up the work pace!

To whom I recommend this training series:

  1. for those who were not satisfied with the basic education
  2. for colleagues who are starting again
  3. for those who are not confident in the given topic
  4. who wants to speed up the work pace
  5. for those who want to update or expand their knowledge

The modules of the education series are built on top of each other, but the modules can also be completed separately. Within the modules, I divided the training into lessons, so that the education can be viewed more practically. If you need repetition, you don't have to search for the part you want to watch again in a long video, but you can simply choose the lesson in which you feel your shortcomings.

Whichever module you complete, I recommend that you also complete module 1! If you can't apply a template well or prepare it perfectly, then the beautiful manicure loses its meaning. No matter how beautiful it is, if it is not durable, my artificial nails will break off or become airy.


Bachelor's degree recommended (OKJ in Hungary)!

You will learn these during the course
  • file-free building with self-leveling gel
  • gel polishing using a no-growed technique
  • almond and cube shape building, forming
  • using traditional and hybrid forms
  • use of nude builder gel
  • balance point nail building
  • use of pudding gel
  • use of no-fix gel, permanent nail polishing
  • how to work quickly in the salon
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  • Fiber Base (fibreglass) primer
  • Transparent, self-leveling builder gel (e.g. Pearl Nails Builder Gel Clear II.)
  • Brush 0
  • Manicure skin lifter
  • Neon coral gel polish (or any colour)
  • Jade stone tray for mixing out materials
  • Dark Pink Gel Polish Primer
  • Nude builder gel (e.g.: Moyra Rapid Natural Cover)
  • Salon Form paper form
  • Cleanser
  • Lint-free wipes
  • 100/180 file
  • Polishing buffer
  • Pump dispenser
  • Form cutter scissors
  • Cover Pink Base Gel
  • Nude Pudding Gel
  • Hybrid form
  • Spatula
  • C curve bending tweezers
  • Cross Cut bit for machine drill
  • C4 rounded brush
  • Red no-fix colour gel
  • No-fix gloss gel
  • Baby brush
  • Coconut cuticle oil
  • Drill machine
  • Paper towel
  • Nero Merlo 0 brush
  • LED lamp


Szilvia Balázsi
special teacher of nail art

In November 2010, I completed the OKJ training of Crystal Nails - Elite Cosmetix in hand and foot care, nail and manicure. As soon as I passed the ...


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All about nail design [Modul II] Build with single color gels