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All about nail design [Module I] Theoretical basics

In this module, you will acquire the theoretical knowledge you will need for your nail art. This training will also be useful for you if you do not want to do the whole series, but only one or two modules.
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All about nail design [Module I] Theoretical basics
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  • Duration1h 34m
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  • LevelBeginner
  • Category Manicure
  • Language Hungarian
  • Subtitle English Hungarian
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What you'll learn

The All About Nail Design Online Nail Design Education series will be a useful learning tool for anyone who

  • It's been a long time since you took the basic training course and you want to update your knowledge
  • Freshly graduated from basic training and still need to learn more
  • You have not yet completed basic training as a nail technician and want to build your skills 

The parts of the 7-part online nail art training series build on each other, but can also be taken separately. If you only need one topic, just scroll down and select the module you need.

In the first module:

  • Learn to make a form and cut the form perfectly
  • Learn about the tools needed for manicure
  • We will learn about the drill and the bits for the manicure
  • We learn the manicure needed before nails
  • We learn how to prepare a nail plate so that the artificial nail does not air up
  • Getting to know prep liquids and priming gels

I constantly highlight what can be used to speed up the work pace!

To whom I recommend this training series:

  1. for those who were not satisfied with the basic education
  2. for colleagues who are starting again
  3. for those who are not confident in the given topic
  4. who wants to speed up the work pace
  5. for those who want to update or expand their knowledge

The modules of the education series are built on top of each other, but the modules can also be completed separately. Within the modules, I divided the training into lessons, so that the education can be viewed more practically. If you need repetition, you don't have to search for the part you want to watch again in a long video, but you can simply choose the lesson in which you feel your shortcomings.

Bachelor's degree recommended (OKJ in Hungary)!


You will learn these during the course
  • forming in theory
  • manicure tools
  • introduction/recommendation of drills and bits
  • suggestions to speed up the work pace
  • on the perfect preparation
  • presentation of preparation materials
  • presentation of priming gels
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  • Pearl Nails Salon Form paper form
  • Pearl Nails Hybrid form
  • Russian manicure set (Master Nails set 1)
  • Niiza Hard Builder Dark Pink
  • Niiza Hard Builder Clear
  • Cover Pink traditional Base Gel
  • Pearl Nails Natural Pink Fiber Base (fiberglass)
  • Nail cutter
  • Celeb Nails Small ball with diamond dust
  • Celeb Nails Carbide Etching Small Ball
  • Manicure skin opener
  • Profi Nails Long life 100/180 file
  • Pearl Nails Block Buffer
  • Baby brush
  • Pearl Nails Nail prep
  • Pearl Nails Acid Free Primer
  • Cuticle scissors
  • Drill machine


Szilvia Balázsi
special teacher of nail art

In November 2010, I completed the OKJ training of Crystal Nails - Elite Cosmetix in hand and foot care, nail and manicure. As soon as I passed the ...


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All about nail design [Module I] Theoretical basics