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Reverse tip fake nails - French build-ups using two methods

I will use half Reverse tip to make a base layer and teach the Reverse tip built-in French.
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  • Duration2h 25m
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  • LevelBeginner
  • Category Acrylic gel techniques
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What you'll learn

Master one of the most modern techniques yourself, don't miss out!

It's worth improving, especially now, because if you use this technique you will be able to do the nails requested by your guest faster and nicer. Fast pace equals more guests!

I recommend doing the Reverse Tip Nail Instruction series blocks one after the other, but it is not a prerequisite to learn all of them. You can learn the blocks separately, as I have arranged the lessons so that they do not build on each other. The theoretical part is available for free at the beginning of each training!

They are part of the Reverse tip training series:

Part 1/ Building with acrylic gel:

Part 2/ Babyboomer and ombre with acrylic gel:

In this part 3 I will also teach you two nails:

With the first nail you can replace the use of the paper template. We will use a non-traditional Reverse tip, so not the whole nail will be done with this technique. We will use a competition tip, also known as a Half Reverse tip, to do the base coat, but the artificial nail will be done with a special tip.The rest of the nail construction will be completed with a classic construction. I recommend this technique to those who don't like the template or are not satisfied with the shape of their nails. After a graceful base coat with a curved effect, it is easier to create a beautiful nail.

The second nail is a built-in French fake nail, for which I will only use reverse tip, no traditional construction will be needed.

You will learn these during the course
  • 2 types of construction with reverse tip
  • washing line grinding
  • form milling
  • built-in solvent extraction
  • mica transition
  • layering
  • built-in French finishing with reverse tip
  • nail bed extension
  • use of acrylic gel
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  • light gel
  • base gel
  • nude, transparent, white, mica acrylic gel
  • glitter gel varnish or glitter powder
  • reverse tip for almond
  • half reverse tip (racing tip for angular shape)
  • porcelain building and decorating brush
  • acrylic gel liquid
  • gloss gel
  • 150, 180 rasp
  • block buffer
  • porcelain refining foam buffer
  • phantom brush
  • spatula
  • glass crucible
  • cleanser
  • lint-free wiper
  • sanding machine
  • cone-shaped, mild milling burr
  • black gel varnish or decorative gel


Szilvia Balázsi
nail technician instructor

In November 2010, I graduated from Crystal Nails - Elite Cosmetix's hand and foot care and nail technician OKJ training. As soon as I passed my exams ...


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Reverse tip fake nails - French build-ups using two methods
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