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Nails and gel polish courses for beginners and advanced students.

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All about nail design [Module IV] French nails with gel

  • 3h 17m
  • 4 Lectures
  • 517 Students

4 techniques, 2 modern forms. Quick, simple and essential techniques for salon work are presented.

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All about nail design [Module III] Babyboomers with gels

  • 2h 18m
  • 8 Lectures
  • 515 Students

I present 3 different and quick, simple techniques, from which you can choose the one you like best.

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(37 Ratings)

All about nail design [Module I] Theoretical basics

  • 1h 34m
  • 5 Lectures
  • 857 Students

In this module, you will acquire the theoretical knowledge you will need for your nail art. This training will also be useful for you if you do not want to do the whole series, but only one or two modules.

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Renewed Russian manicure

  • 1h 34m
  • 4 Lectures
  • 656 Students

In this tutorial, I will not only show you this type of dry manicure, because a beautiful gel polish requires proper removal techniques and the application of a new set. Finally, we will finish the training with a streng

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2in1: Building 3 modern mini shapes and filing technique

  • 2h 40m
  • 4 Lectures
  • 240 Students

One of the most important parts of nail art is the filing technique, but without a good base, it's worthless. We will learn the correct forming, building and filing.

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(39 Ratings)

All about nail design [Modul II] Build with single color gels

  • 1h 47m
  • 7 Lectures
  • 1002 Students

Learn 3 different techniques with 3 different gel materials to shorten your salon time.

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Tavaszi virágok gél-lakk festéssel 2. rész

  • 1h 55m
  • 6 Lectures
  • 2 Students

Megjött a folytatás! Itt van újabb 5 virág, amit Szilvivel tanulhatsz meg elkészíteni!

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Húsvéti cukiságok a körmökön

  • 1h 27m
  • 4 Lectures
  • 9 Students

3 egyszerű, színes , nyuszis szalonmintát mutatok nektek, ami bármilyen tavaszi színnel kombinálható.

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(4 Ratings)

Pulcsi minta

  • 46m 5s
  • 3 Lectures
  • 123 Students

Jön a hűvös idő, egyre többen vágyunk egy finom, puha, meleg pulcsira. Na de akad olyan is, aki ezt a körmén viselné a legszívesebben. Tanulj velem pulcsimintát!

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  • 16m 57s
  • 1 Lectures
  • 642 Students

Fessünk karácsonyfát, waterway technikával, gyorsan, egyszerűen!

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Disney Főgonoszok

  • 2h 16m
  • 4 Lectures
  • 7 Students

Négy karakter megfestése gél lakkal

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Őszi minta variációk

  • 1h 27m
  • 6 Lectures
  • 11 Students

Gyorsan elsajátítható különböző technikákat magába foglaló, látványos őszi mintákat mutatok be ebben a videóban.

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